Doing Karate and Trying to Get Females Pregnant

I'm lazy so I've reverted back to just reblogs and shit I find that's cool. PLUS some gratuitous photos of my work ensembles because I try to be fresh to death. Always fresh to death.


Haven’t done of these in a while, but here’s the deliberately ridiculous ‘fit I put together for DC’s 2012 Seersucker Social. Because getting all dandified up in a costume-like fashion hits on an edge of menswear I do particularly subscribe to, I was a bit reluctant to participate. Then, I was promised drink tickets and the rest is history, now documented in my brand of confusing, borderline bothersome *makes obnoxious air quotes* “comedy” over at Four-Pins.

Latest Four-Pins post, ‘Occasionally Dressed: The Seersucker Social’ here.

Big thank you to my buddy Eliot Payne for hooking up the bow-tie. It’s so over the top that I like to describe it as “just crazy enough to work.” Check out Eliot’s shop, for other head-turning designs.

All in all, the look was off the wall, but I was strangely comfortable with the overall results:

Paul epitomizes what people you want to follow on the interwebz should be.  He’s fucking hilarious and he isn’t a piece of shit.  We talk about chest hair and Ric Flair and Batman and shit on the twitters.  He’s good people.

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